JAMOR Manual Juicer,Lemon Juicer,Small Citrus Juicer,Manual Rotary Squeezer,Professional Manual Juicer,Kitchen Tool With Easy Pour Spout,Non-Slip Base,Can Be Used In The Dishwasher For Easy Storage

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Sturdy design, it is made of food grade PP material. To ensure complete health, we only use the highest quality materials, which are elastic in actual use and are food safe when in contact with your products. The non-slip non-marking silicone base ensures that it can be used for a long time.


Get every drop from your fruit. It turns out that our citrus juicer gets more juice than dozens of other brands of juicers. The filter can effectively filter seeds and heavy pulp while squeezing the juice. This citrus juicer can ensure that you can easily get a glass of delicious orange juice. Suitable for lemons, limes, limes, citrus, oranges, etc. in Florida, California or abroad.


Making juice from your favorite citrus fruits has never been easier or faster. With our easy-to-use and easy-to-store durable lemon juicer, even children can use this citrus juicer. You only need to squeeze half of the fruit on top to squeeze the maximum amount of juice through the holes. You can quickly squeeze a glass of juice in a few minutes to replenish the vitamins you need every day. Whether you are a chef or just want to enjoy the squeeze, you can drink lemonade in a matter of minutes.


Easy to clean, store and carry. Our citrus juicer is very easy to clean and can be easily cleaned on the dishwasher rack. It can also be rinsed with water. The inner wall of the juicer is smooth and easy to clean. You can take this hand-held juicer with you in the park or travel, or keep it in the office.


The JAMOR manual juicer set includes a wooden reamer, made of solid beech wood. Will not react with acidic fruits, so it has a longer life and higher strength. Maintenance is very simple and labor-saving. Rinse the wooden fruit juicer with water and mild detergent after use.


A natural wood juicer with a sturdy, easy-to-grip handle, sharp edges, and a size suitable for various lemons and other citrus fruits, making the juice extraction process easier and more effective. Just a light squeeze can extract the last drop of any citrus. This excellent material has unique functions and has been used in various kitchen tools for thousands of years.

The manual juicer is very durable, easy to store, and easy to clean (you can use the dishwasher to clean it).


Very suitable for picnics, camping, outdoor parties. The juicer can also be used as a water cup, with multiple functions. Portable and lightweight-suitable for traveling, camping or wanting to drink juice anytime, anywhere without electricity.


Our manual citrus juicer juicer is suitable for oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits and all other citrus fruits. It can even easily remove the pulp and seeds, which is very suitable for restaurants, supermarkets, small grocery stores or people who like freshly squeezed juice every morning.


The greatest health benefit-rich in vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, there is no doubt that lemon and orange juice have many health benefits. The fresh juice produced by a manual juicer is the best, because you can be sure that it is pure, without added preservatives or sugar, which means it has a higher nutrient content, while the heat of an electric juicer will penetrate the juice. Change the taste and you may lose some important nutrients.


Make fresh orange juice so quickly: When you have this manual juicer, in 5 minutes, you can make yourself 0 waste of electricity, 0 preservatives, 0 plastic waste, 100% all natural glass orange juice.



  1. You only need to cut a piece of fruit in half, place it on the juicer, press and rotate it, you can quickly and easily squeeze the juice.
  2. When we use it, it can absorb almost every drop of juice from the lemon. It is also easy to clean. The only thing you need is to spin the lemon vigorously.
  3. Juicing cup can easily pour the juice into the cup.



  1. Brand: JAMOR
  2. Material: food grade PP material.
  3. Weight: 282 grams.
  4. Dimensions: 8.5X15.3X11 CM / 3.3X6X4.3 IN.
  5. Set list: 1X juicer, 1X wooden juicer.