JAMOR 2 Pieces of Chicken Timer Set, Big Digital Loud Alarm, Magnetic Support Rack Cooking Timer,Multi-Function Electronic Timer,Suitable For Kitchen,Study,Work, Sports Training,Outdoor Activities

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Chick timer, kitchen timer with big buttons, large digital display, loud beep and clean and bright appearance. Special timer for egg cooker, set includes egg hole opener.With a clear and loud alert tone, you can easily hear this alarm in another room. When you are busy, the alarm will automatically stop after 30 seconds.


Dedicated egg timer. Hard-boiled eggs, slightly cooked in 3 minutes, half-cooked in 5 minutes, fully cooked in 10 minutes. The longest time can be 99 minutes and 59 seconds, which perfectly meets the needs of home. You can use the ON/OFF switch to save battery (battery is not included in the package).


There is a stand behind the Chick Timer, which can be placed in any flat place at will; with an adsorption magnet, it can be attached to the refrigerator at home, on iron-containing objects; the large bell mouth, the sound is clearer; the hidden hanging hole is convenient for storage.


100% useful kitchen timer, cook like a professional! Say goodbye to uncooked burgers and cooked steaks. It can also be perfectly used as a child timer, teacher timer, student timer, classroom timer, cooking timer, bathroom timer, meeting timer, game timer, egg timer, barbecue timer. The large buttons are easy to use, the separate M and S buttons can set the exact time you need, the SP/ST button is used to start/pause, and the clear button is added to make it easier to reset.


No more the hassle of peeling boiled eggs now easier. When using, just press the big end of the egg down on the egg puncture needle. Making this small hole in the egg prevents the shell from cracking when it is boiling. Make the perfect hard-boiled egg This handy gadget is equipped with a stainless steel needle that can easily pierce the egg before boiling it and make it easier than ever to peel the boiled egg.

Chick Timer Set, you deserve it.


Press the S or M button to set the seconds or minutes; press the ST/SP button to start/stop the timer;


Press the M key + S key at the same time to reset the time to 00:00.


Power supply: 1 x AAA battery. (For transportation safety, batteries are not included).


Countdown function: After setting the required time, such as 99:59, press the ST/SP key, it will start counting from 99:59>>99:58>>99:57...


After the countdown is over, the timer will sound "Dididi...dididi..." to remind you! Press any key to stop ringing.


Chick timer material: ABS plastic.

Egg hole opener material: stainless steel, rubber.


Chick timer size: 3.5X3.7X1.1 inches

Egg punch size: 1.37X2.24X1.18 inches


The package includes:

Chick Timer X2

Egg hole opener X1


Chick timer weight: 60g/0.13 pounds

Weight of egg opener: 25g/0.05 lb


This digital timer is usually much more accurate than the oven, microwave or smart phone clock because it is designed for timing management. You want to make sure that when you set a minute, it will beep at that time instead of stopping for a few seconds. In addition, we have improved a larger screen and larger numbers on this upgraded version of the timer. It is easy to watch from any angle or hear clearly from another room!


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